Oral Presentations

All oral sessions take place in the Science Building Hall C201 (see the “Venue” page on the MORIS website for details on how to access the Science Building).

Time Schedule

Session Time Presentation Discussion
Invited 30 min 25 min 5 min
Contributed 15 min 12 min 3 min

Audio-Visual Equipment

Following audio-visual equipment is provided in the presentation room:

  • LCD projector
  • Microphone
  • Projection laser pointer
  • Administrator PC (Only used for short presentation before the poster session.

Speakers of oral sessions are supposed to use their own PC.

No other presentation facilities will be provided in the room. Authors are advised to bring USB memory storing a backup of the presentation file.

Standard PC-style VGA and HDMI connections to the LCD projector will be supplied. Presenting authors must bring suitable adaptors required for their computers.

Presenting authors should “check in” with the session chairman at least five minutes before starting the session. Session staff will support you. Please note that the time needed for the setup will be subtracted from the time allowed for your presentation.

Poster Presentations

Poster sessions are scheduled on the afternoons of January 8th and 9th, at the Entrance Hall next to Hall C201 (see the “Venue” page for the location of the Entrance Hall).

Prior to the poster sessions, authors are supposed to perform their 2-min oral presentations (short presentations) in Hall C201 in the order of the program. Bring a USB memory with your short presentation material to the registration desk. We only accept pdf files. Installation of those files will begin in the afternoon of Jan. 7th and be completed by 11:00 on Jan. 8th for session Mo-P and by 11:00 on Jan. 9th for session Tu-P.

All posters of session Mo-P are supposed to be posted on the poster board by the end of Lunch Time on Jan. 8th, and be removed by the end of session Mo-03 on Jan. 8th. Posters remaining at 18:00 on Jan. 8th will be disposed by the secretariat.

All posters of session Tu-P are supposed to be posted on the poster board by the start of session Tu-P on Jan. 9th, and be removed by the end of Lunch time on Jan. 10th. Posters remaining at 14:00 on Jan. 10th will be disposed by the secretariat.

The usable surface of the poster boards is 120 cm (4 feet) wide and 165 cm (5.5 feet) high. Stationaries to display the posters will be provided by MORIS. The program ID number is posted on each poster board for displaying the poster. The poster should contain the title, authors, affiliations, and well-prepared visual materials about the work. Authors should be present to explain details and answer questions during the poster session.

Few selected presentations are available in PDF format (55 MB)

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