Abstract submission


In this MORIS, the oral sessions will be generally constituted of invited presentations. The contributed papers will be allocated to the poster session in principle, and “Best Poster Award” will be given to the presenter of poster that is considered to recognize excellence in research and presentation.
Though almost all the contributed papers are presented as posters, selected papers may have an opportunity to be presented at oral sessions.
*All the authors should submit a two-page abstract which is prepared in Portable Document Format (as a pdf file), regardless of their session type.

Abstract Submission (Online submission)

The Abstract must be submitted via Abstract submission website.

Please note that abstract submission site will be automatically closed after 23:59 of October 9, 2017, and submissions will no longer be accepted.

Deadline of Abstract submission: 23:59 of October 9, 2017 (EST)

Instructions on Preparation of Abstract

Authors are requested to submit an electronic version of their abstract written in English. All electronic documents for the abstract should be prepared in Portable Document Format (as a .pdf file). The abstract must be written within a 17 cm × 22 cm rectangular area for offset reproduction on A4-size paper and must be limited to two pages in length, including figures, tables, results, discussion and references. A sample format and instructions for preparing the abstract is available below:

Download Template (example abstract and instructions): pdf, docx

The decision will be notified by e-mail until the beginning of November 2017. Please note that no submission by e-mail and Fax will be accepted.

Selection of technical category

For the purpose of making up an adequate conference program, authors should select the technical category of the paper from the following list:

  1. Magneto-optical Phenomena & Devices
    Nonlinear Effects, Magnetophotonic Crystals, Magneto-optical Devices, Nano X-ray Imaging
  2. Fast Spin Reversal / Dynamics
    Pump & Probe, All-optical Magnetic Recording, Observation Techniques
  3. Optics and Photonics
    Advanced Photonics Materials, Plasmonics, Subwavelength Structures, Nonlinear Phenomena, Metamaterials, Topological Effects
  4. Energy Assisted Magnetic Recording
    Head Integration, Surface Plasmon Resonance, Antenna Devices, Recording Physics
  5. New Recording Media / Nano Magnetic Materials
    Patterned Media, Multilayer, High-Ku Materials, Nano Particles, Patterned Structures, Nano X-ray Spectroscopy
  6. Magnonics Cooperating with Spin Waves
    Fundamentals and Application of Spin Waves, Magnon Control via Spin Currents, Spin Wave Media, Magnon related Phenomena
  7. New Concepts with New Materials / Devices
    Spintronics, Exotic Materials, Topological Materials, Spin Caloritronics, Carbon-based Magnetic Materials, X-ray Magnetic Scattering

Submission procedures

  1. Prepare the submission file in pdf format to be uploaded.
  2. Get your ID & password by filling out your personal information on “Personal Information Page”. Then you can log into your personal page.
  3. Click the “Abstract” tab, and start the submission procedure from the “SUBMIT” button.
  4. Enter all the required information, name, affiliation, paper title, category and the information of co-authors.
  5. Move to next page, and click the “File Select” button. Then, a window for your choice of files will open. Choose your submission file and push the “SEND”  button.
  6. Please go to the next page, and confirm your submitted information. If you need not revise that information, please click the “Next” button at the bottom of the page to complete your submission.
  7. When your submission is completed, the notification is sent to you by e-mail.

Please pay attention to the following:

* Please use the same e-mail address for Registration and Abstract submission.
* Please do not close your browser until your submission is completed, otherwise it will become invalid.
* The submitted paper(s) will not be returned to the author. Please keep the copy of submitted paper(s).
* The Secretariat bears no responsibility for any mistakenly input contents of your submission (including a problem in the computer environment of the user).

Please check all information and your abstract again before sending.

How to revise submissions

To revise the submitted abstract, please prepare the revised abstract in pdf file and click the Revise button and proceed to the revision page. You can revise, confirm, or delete your submission as many times as you wish up until 23:59 of October 9, 2017 (EST).

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