Magnetics and Optics Research International Symposium 2018

: January 7-10, 2018
Venue: Queens College of CUNY, New York, USA
Deadline for abstract submissions: September 29, 2017
Sponsor: JSPS 147th Committee on Amorphous and Nano-crystalline Materials

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  • Magneto-optical Phenomena and Devices
    Nonlinear Effects, Magneto-photonic Crystals, Magnetooptical Devices, Nano X-ray Imaging
  • Fast Spin Reversal / Dynamics
    Pump & Probe, All-optical Magnetic Recording, Observation Techniques
  • Optics and Photonics
    Advanced Photonics Materials, Plasmonics, Subwavelength Structures, Nonlinear Phenomena, Metamaterials, Topological
  • Effects Energy Assisted Magnetic Recording
    Head Integration, Surface Plasmon Resonance, Antenna Devices, Recording Physics
  • New Recording Media / Nano Magnetic Materials
    Patterned Media, Multilayer, High-Ku Materials, Nano Particles, Patterned Structures, Nano X-ray Spectroscopy
  • Magnonics Cooperating with Spin Waves
    Fundamentals and Application of Spin Waves, Magnon Control via Spin Currents, Spin Wave Media, Magnonrelated Phenomena
  • New Concepts with New Materials / Devices
    Spintronics, Exotic Materials, Topological Materials, Spin Caloritronics, Carbon-based Magnetic Materials, X-ray Magnetic Scattering
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  • Symposium General Co-Chairs:
    M. Inoue (Toyohashi Univ. Tech., Japan)
    A. A. Lisyansky (Queens College City Univ. New York, USA)
  • Symposium General Vice Co-Chairs:
    K. Nakagawa (Nihon Univ., Japan)
    M. Takata (RIKEN,SPring-8 Center, Japan)
  • Local Chair:
    S. Takei (Queens College City Univ. New York, USA)
  • Program Co-Chairs:
    T. Kato (Nagoya Univ., Japan)
    T. Nakamura (JASRI, Japan)
  • Program Vice Chair:
    S. Saito (Tohoku Univ., Japan)
  • Steering Chair:
    T. Ishibashi (Nagaoka Univ. Tech., Japan)
  • Steering Vice Chair:
    A. Tsukamoto (Nihon Univ., Japan)
  • International Advisory Chair:
    H. Awano (Toyota Tech. Inst., Japan)
Contact information:
Email: moris2018@physics.qc.edu
URL: http://www.moris-optics.org


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